What Is This

Wixer Con is a mini-convention located near Madison, WI.

  • Based on Amber-centered games, but that may change depending on the desires of participants and as the convention continues.
  • If successful the convention may run two to three times a year provided interest and resources are available.
  • Currently it is a small informal affair between 7 and 20 people with a handful of game slots, hosted out of the home of its founder, Kat Lemmer.
  • The brainchild of Kat Lemmer and company to fill a desire for more Amber gaming between the official Amber and other gaming conventions, beginning in 2009.
  • Please bring your own drinks, alcohol or otherwise.
  • Con registration is $20 and will go towards the purchase of food which may or may not cover pizza Saturday afternoon.
  • RSVP.
  • Yes, there is WiFi available for guests.
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