Proposed schedule:

BREAKFAST: 8-10 am
LUNCH: 2-3 pm
DINNER: 7-8 pm
Slots 2 (day): 10 am - 4 pm
Slot 3 (evening): 5 pm - midnight or later

Slot 2:A

Digging for a Dead God (Horror)

GM: Brett

Players: 3 to 6

In May of 1939 you have been assigned a special service for the Fuhrer and Germany. You will infiltrate British occupied Africa for the purpose of exploiting a diamond mine. The mine is unknown to the British. It is imperative you not alert the British to your presence and retrieve as many diamonds as possible to further the cause of the Fuhrer and the Fatherland.


This is a horror game based on the Call of Cthulhu system.


6 pre-generated character that will be handed out at the start of the game. A basic understanding of WWII history is all that is required from a player perspective - there's no need (or expectation) for anything more on either the player or GM side.

Slot 2:B

Treaties and Other Obligations (Amber)

GM: Jason D

Players: 2 - 6

The tenth anniversary of the Patternfall Treaty is nearly upon you. King Random has requested your presence as part of his entourage at the Renewal Ceremony.

The Amber Universe after the events of the Corwin books. The events of the Merlin books haven't happened.

Random has reigned in Amber for almost ten years. Though there have been troubles here and there, Random's reign has been relatively peaceful.

Make a child of an Elder Amberite using 100 points. You get basic Pattern free.

Feel free to create as much or as little of your background as you like. You should, at minimum, know your parent and what, roughly, you were doing during Patternfall.

Slot 3:A

The Pearl (a League of Crowns game)

GM: David M-K

Players: David V., Robyn, Kat, and Britt.

STORY (for the PCs)
King Random and Queen Vialle of Amber have given birth to a baby girl and tomorrow is the day when the baby will be presented at Court. King Random himself requested that the League of Crowns be involved to "Make sure nothing screws with the big day!"
Things were going as planned until mid-afternoon today when King Random parted ways with the envoy from Rebma. Ever since the meeting, Random has been distracted, trying to decide what to do next.

BACKGROUND (for the Players)
When Random agreed to marry Vialle in return for his freedom, he also agreed to give their first born over to Queen Moire. Over time he forgot the pact made with the Empress of the Sea, found love in the woman, Vialle, and was not long after crowned King of Amber. Years later, Rebma has sent an envoy to remind him of the promise made.

Random is torn between his oath and his love of family. Vialle is as of yet unaware of the arrangement. Martin learns of the ordeal when he overhears Random talking to the Envoy. The Envoy is determined to have the baby moved to Rebma by the morning.

How does your PC learn about the dilemma at hand? What would your PC do next?

As members of the League of Crowns, you are faced with cold war espionage, mad scientists, rogue artifacts, inter-Shadow criminal conspiracies, and the odd demonic invasion from beyond the Edge.
Think of a concept that would fit with a team of secret troubleshooter working for the Elders and your home Shadow (a Golden Circle Kingdom), set in a steampunk post-Black Road War Amber.

Below are some specifics. We can cover some of this via email beforehand (moc.liamg|srawwodahs#moc.liamg|srawwodahs). However, we'll spend some time face-to-face getting the team in order before starting the adventure.

Concepts for League Agents in 10 easy steps
1. Role: What "archetype" best describes how your character fits into both the group and the genre of a steampunk Amber setting?
2. Homeland: Amber or one of the Golden Circle Kingdoms?
3. Sponsor (Amber Elders): Who is responsible for you being in the League, like it or not?
4. Drive: What motivates you to go on? Choose from Duty, Glory, Justice, Love, Power, or Truth and define it.
5. Character Relationship Statements: Short sentences that describe how your PC interacts with each other. Note: Keywords such as trust, respect, or fear may be useful.
6. Aspects: There are things that connect you with some of the others in your team — they help shape you — What are these things and who is responsible for it?
7. Attributes: Artistry, Charisma, Intellect, Physique. 15 points to spend among these four (min 1 and max 6).
8. Resources: Allies (1-4 each), Artifacts & Creatures (1-4 each), Powers [Pattern Imprint (1-4), Trump Artistry (1-4), Shape Shifting (1-4), and Magic (1-3)], Stuff (-4 to +4), and Talents (1pt each, up to 4 total). 15 points to spend among these.
9. Character's Story: In-character profile to help the other Characters.
10. Character's Background: Out-of-character profile to help the other Players.

For more information, download: Amber Legacy: The League of Crowns overview PDF

Slot 3:B


GM: Erik Florentz

Players: 3 to 6

Player Characters are Shinigami, a Japanese version of the Grim Reaper. They dwell in a place known as Soul Society or the afterlife (also called the spirit world). It is meant to correspond to Heaven or Nirvana in Human belief systems. It is the place where most departed souls and the Shinigami dwell. The culture is based on ancient Japanese customs and traditions, with a blend of high technology and high magic. Soul Society is ruled by the Spirit King, formally addressed as The Heavenly Sunflower or informally as Benedict. In actual practice a civilian government known as Central 46 calls the shots. Shinigami are sworn members of the military and are honor bound to follow the orders of their superiors.
Things have been changing more rapidly than normal in the Real World. Rituals that have long been powerless are now starting to work. Names that have been tossed around since time began are now being used in the present tense.
Shinigami have gone missing and the Balance of Souls is leaking. A Task Force has been assembled to confront these new circumstances.

Players please contact the GM (moc.drakips|mg#moc.drakips|mg) in advance to create your character. Oriental names and terms add chrome but are not required.

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