Games for Friday night…

Depending on how many people show up Friday evening, I suggest we plan for one game starting at 7PM.


Slot 1:A

My Life with Oberon
Based on the game, My Life with Master by Paul Czege (a roleplaying game of villainy, self-loathing, and unrequited love)

GM: David M-K

Description: The life of a Prince or Princess of Amber is a hard one. The horrific things you do make it difficult to feel good about yourself. If only someone loved you…

Tone: Dark humor, horror. See below from the game as a warning…

Dear Reader take warning…go not incautiously forward into these pages, for they describe a roleplaying game about the horrific and dysfunctional ties that bind a monstrous Master and his or her minions. It is a game with a not-so-traditional style of play that could well give you the creeps…though other games may have not.
Now having weighed this caution, should you proceed with these rules I think you'll find the most chilling events of your games aren’t so much inflicted by the GM upon the players, but rather, produced by them to the horror of all. Will you laugh?…If you like that sort of thing.

Setting: In Amber, an environment pervaded by fear.

About PC interactions and scenes: The PCs are an ensemble of individual protagonists, not a group working together, but independent characters whose stories happen to intersect at times. The mechanics consciously empower the GM's use of an aggressive scene framing technique to deliver pacing and dramatic tension across a series of game sessions comprised of individual scenes with these characters.

Character Creation: We will do this on site, face-to-face, as well as create your father, King Oberon.

Players: Erik, Robyn, Jason, David V., and Kat.

Slot 1:B


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